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My Itty Bitty Dot Com ....

Professional Software Developer

Extensive experience with server side web and internet programming. HTML, JavaScript. UNIX down to the systems level and some driver work. Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, others. Perl, C, C++, and Java. SSL, XML, SAX, DOM. Experience with Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and Informix database systems. Performance and security evaluations. Read all about it here. If needed a Word Doc is here.

World domination.

Provides newsletters, charts, news, and market advice.

Dead dot com. Gas pumps connected to the internet.

Dead dot com. DVR of broadcast.

Dead dot com. Hosted translation services, custom api's for businesses and portals.

Yet another dead dot com.
infoseek/Go Network/Disney Internet Group worked on this! (It's dead, may it rest in peace.)

GO TranslatorEnglishEspagñolFrançaisDeutschItalianoPortuguêsSystranGO Translator

Start-up touts offline Web access
FreeLoader takes on PointCast
Push comes to shove
Ride for FreeLoader is over

Family Tree Maker

A project for the Banner Blue division of Broderbund. ( > Learning Company > Mattel >


A shopping cart system.

Catalyst Member